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Kawai Piano Warranty
Kawai acoustic pianos are supported by one of the strongest warranties in the piano industry, a TEN YEAR FULL WARRANTY.
There are two different types of warranties... full and limited. A Full Warranty guarantees that the manufacturer will stand behind the product, even to the point of full replacement if a problem cannot be corrected. By definition, a full warranty is transferable from one owner to the next.  This means that the warranty remains in effect for the full period, regardless of owner... enhancing the piano's resale value if transferred to a new owner during the warranty period. A Limited Warranty places limits on the manufacturer's legal responsibility to repair defects.  Generally, limited warranties are not transferable.
Kawai's TEN YEAR FULL WARRANTY embodies our commitment to excellence. It is the "seal" of Kawai craftsmanship and the assurance of your satisfaction. Click here to download warranty.

Digital Piano Warranty
As of June 1, 2008, Kawai America is offering the following warranties for Kawai digital pianos purchased from authorized dealers in the US and Canada.
Kawai CP, CA, CS and CN series products:
5 Years Parts and Labor - Click here to download warranty
Kawai CL, ES, EP, CE series and KDP80 products:
3 Years Parts and Labor - Click here to download warranty
Kawai MP series and PR-1:
3 Years Parts and 1 Year Labor - Click here to download warranty

Customers making a purchase from June 1, 2008, forward will be eligible for the new warranties, even if their product is packaged with an old warranty card. Customers should retain their store receipt or purchase statement as proof of the date of purchase. Please contact Kawai's Technical Services Division if you have any questions or concerns, or to request a copy of your new warranty.

In order to return any serialized merchandise to Kawai you must must first obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA) from Technical Support. An RA number is also required for any PCBs or sub-assemblies sent to Kawai for repair. Non-serialized merchandise such as adaptors, headphones, case parts or similar items do not require an RA number. NOTE: Acoustic pianos cannot be returned directly to Kawai from a retail customer( piano owner). The return authorization must be processed through an authorized Kawai dealer.

1. Warranty Defects. Contact TSD for approval to return defective units. Defective units may not be returned for credit, but will be repaired or replaced as necessary.
2. Damage. Contact TSD for approval to return damaged units. Since shipping damage is not Kwai America's direct responsibility, we may discuss options other than return such as parts replacement and labor reimbursement to repair damaged units back to new condition. Damaged units may not be returned for credit, but will either be repaired or replaced by TSD.
3. Incorrect Product Received. if you receive a unit that you feel was sent in error, please accept the shipment and call the sales department to arrange to return the merchandise and order the correct product. An RA number will be issued for the return, but it must be initiated by the sales department.
4. Non-Warranty Repairs. Contact TSD for approval to return product for repairs. An RA number wll be supplied for serialized product, as well as circuit boards, electronic sub-assemblies or piano parts.

To obtain and RA, call or Email TSD and have the following information ready:
Serial Number
Warranty Status
Description of the Problem

When returning a defective electronic unit, be sure to include a short note stating the complaint and what was done in an attempt to correct the problem prior to your request for the RA. The RA number must be prominently displayed on the outside of the carton(s), or, for large open items such as a piano, noted on all documentation associated with the unit(s).
Non-Warranty Repairs. Completed non-warranty repairs are returned by Federal Express Ground unless special handling is requested. Shipping charges will be added to the invoice. If you do not have an open account we will ship COD (Dealer Only). All non-warranty charges for retail customer repairs must be charged to a valid credit card prior to shipment. Please do not include credit card information in any documentation enclosed with the returned unit. TSD will call for the credit card information when the work is completed.
Warranty Repairs. Warranty repairs are returned pre-paid Federal Express Ground. Expedited handling (third day, second day or next day) is available by special request, but you will be responsible for any additional expense.
If electronic products are returned for credit or replacement without a clean, re-useable packing carton, a re-boxing fee will be charged regardless of warranty status.
Call Tags. Kawai will, upon request, issue a pickup (call) tag for in-warranty merchandise. Call tags should be requested at the time the RA is issued. You still must display the RA number on the outside of the carton. Kawai America is not responsible for the timely delivery of call tags as there can often be substantial delays. if you wish to expedite your in-warranty return, ship it pre-paid and send a copy of the shipping receipt for reimbursement.
Carry-In Service. Product carried to our facility in Rancho Dominguez must also have an RA number. Call or email TSD and obtain an RA prior to bringing in the unit. This policy includes large serialized units such as Acoustic Pianos, Digital Pianos and Organs returned by local dealers or via independent delivery services and piano movers.
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